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LJ6050 LED Tester (Top Test)

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Product Description

Device name: Tester

Equipment model; LJ6050

Equipment use: LJ6050 is an automatic equipment for testing and sorting small-pitch full-color LEDs.


It has good stability and reliability;

Suitable for producing small pitch, multi-pin LEDs:

Light-emitting side down test, accurate positioning, easy to debug;

It has the function of automatic cleaning and cleaning of the transparent turntable;

With image recognition unidirectional feeding function;

The software can be customized, with networking and data interaction functions;

technical parameter:

Applicable devices: 1010, 0808, 1612, 2525, etc.; feeding method: vibrating plate

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Maximum power: 1.5KW

UPH: 24K/H

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Vacuum source: built-in vacuum pump

Barrel anti-static resistance value: 10*-10*2

Weight: 600KG

Dimensions: L1140mmx W850mm x H1648mm

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