Focus on semiconductor device packaging equipment

LJ8000 optocoupler testing, marking and tape all-in-one machine

The equipment runs fast, up to 20K/H (test time 80ms);
It has wide versatility and can produce optocoupler products in 817, SOP, SSOP and other series packages;

Good compatibility, can be loaded and unloaded by the structure of tube in and tube out and vibration plate in and tube out:

It has the functions of good stability, strong reliability and six-sided appearance inspection;
The mechanism has high positioning accuracy and high yield;
In terms of operation and maintenance, it occupies a small space;
The man-machine interface adopts a full-color LCD computer display, with clear picture and sensitive response;
The software can be customized, with networking and data interaction functions;
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High voltage test marking and tape all-in-one machine

Device model: LJ8300

Equipment use: LJ8300 high-voltage test, marking, and tape-integrated machine is an automated equipment used for the production of optocouplers and other electronic components, with functions such as high-voltage testing, electrical testing, laser marking, visual inspection and tape.

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