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LJ6023 LED tester (clamp test)

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Product Description

Equipment name: LED tester (clamp test)

Device model: LJ6023

Equipment use: LJ6023 is a fully automated equipment for testing and sorting side-mounted SMD LEDs.

It has good stability and reliability;

Strong versatility, suitable for the production of side, two-electrode or multi-electrode LEDs;

Accurate mechanical positioning, high yield, long service life and compact structure;

Support 4-inch integrating sphere;

It has an elastic buffer structure to solve the problem of damaged materials;

The software can be customized, with networking and data interaction functions;
technical parameter:
Applicable devices: 0603, 1615, 1616, 0805, 3010, 3216, 2835, etc.;
Feeding method: vibrating plate

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Maximum power: 1.5KW

UPH: 30K/H

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Vacuum source: built-in vacuum pump

Weight: 600KG

Barrel anti-static resistance value: 106-108Ω

Dimensions: L1140×W850×H1648 (mm) without protrusions such as warning lights

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