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LJ5000 Material Tray Automatic Packaging Machine

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Product Description

Equipment name: LJ5000 material tray automatic packaging machine

Equipment model: LJ5000

Equipment usage:

The LJ5000 material tray automatic packaging machine is an automated equipment that automatically bags material trays, desiccants, and humidity cards, and performs label printing and vacuum sealing.

Equipment features:

Compatibility, compatible with large and small disks;

Perfect process details such as: desiccant anti failure, humidity card anti failure;

Equipped with desiccant and humidity card leakage prevention function;

Independently developing real-time label printing and labeling systems;

High production efficiency, mature and stable;

Technical parameters:

Applicable product size: small 7-inch reel or large 13-inch reel

Applicable label size:<90mm * 90mm

Overall efficiency: about 6-7 times/minute (continuous feeding: about 350-400 plates/hour for small plates and about 200 plates/hour for large plates)

Accuracy: ± 2MM (excluding label error and product position error)

Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ, total power: 8KW

Compressed air pressure 0.6MPa-0.8MPa Clean and dry compressed air (provided by the customer)

Compressed air requirement: average air consumption of 300L/min

Maximum gas consumption: 380L/min

Weight: 800KG

External dimensions: L3500mmxW2800mmxH2200mm (excluding protrusions such as warning lights)

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