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The second badminton competition

Release Time: 2022-03-10

"Happy "feather" with you, and healthy "feather" with you", on April 27, 2018, the second badminton competition of our company kicked off. A total of 14 people from various departments participated in the competition. This competition adopted a elimination system, and finally the top three were competed and prizes were awarded. This competition has received the support of the whole company. Everyone signed up actively. The general manager came to cheer the players, and the company leaders participated in the competition in person.

This is a sports competition held by the company every year. Badminton has a broad mass base in the company. Everyone is of the same level. The competition for the competition is extremely fierce.


"Friendship first, competition second", after the fierce competition, we are still good colleagues and good friends.


After 3 hours of close arrangements and 20 fierce confrontations, the R&D department finally won the top three with excellent results. The performance of other players on the field was also very good, and their strength should not be underestimated.

Sports are like fire, burning passion; sports are like water, infiltrating the soul. This competition has shown the style and level of the competition. All players competed on the same stage, fully demonstrating their own level, and also discovered badminton talents for the company. It enhances the communication and learning between everyone, gathers people's hearts and increases happiness, further creates a good atmosphere of "happy work, happy life", motivates and guides all employees to strive for the first in happiness, and makes greater contributions to the development of the company. contribute.



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