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"Dare to take on, dare to work hard" team to build expansion training

Release Time: 2022-03-10

On May 19th and 20th, 2018, the company organized all employees to go to the Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Training Base to conduct a two-day and one-night "daring to undertake, dare to work" team to create an experiential development training.

During the course of the activity, all the team members were divided into 4 groups. After some brainstorming in each group, the loud team slogans and the distinctive team LOGO appeared one by one. "The "Wolf Warriors" with a distinctive and powerful team image opened the prelude to the expansion.

In the following two days of training, 4 teams challenged 4 projects of "Sympathy with Brotherhood", "Advance and Retreat Together", "Challenge for 99 Seconds" and "Graduation Wall". In the cross-expanding experience, the team members, with the joint cooperation, overcame the goals that were once considered impossible. After each project, everyone shared the joy of success and the passion for challenges, and fully realized the team. Management awareness and art closely related to work, such as trust, effective communication, empathy, rational organization, dedication, leadership, execution and teamwork. During the activity, everyone actively participated, faced difficulties and challenged themselves boldly. The team members cheered and encouraged each other, never escaping or giving up. Every training is a move, and it is a shock from the soul.

This activity effectively enhanced the courage and self-confidence of employees, and enhanced the awareness of unity and cooperation among employees. At the same time, through mutual communication and learning, everyone realized the importance of mutual trust, teamwork and good innovation, which will definitely help improve work. It plays a positive role in improving efficiency, improving communication and coordination among various departments, and improving execution.

The chairman of the company, Mr. Zhuang, delivered a speech at this event. He strongly praised colleagues who are willing to dedicate themselves and work hard. At the same time, he also encouraged everyone to apply the gains from this training to future work. The spirit of "Dare to do it" is not just a slogan, but a true portrayal of all the people of Good Opportunity. The development of the company can only create brilliant achievements with the strength of the team.

We believe that in the future work, all employees of the company will be able to work together to create a new splendid chapter!


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