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(Top-level system design) thinking class

Release Time: 2022-03-01

On September 1, 2019, I was fortunate to receive an invitation from Hedao Cultural Enterprise, a course with the theme of thinking class. Under the leadership of President Zhuang and President Xue, the leaders of various departments of the company in order to improve themselves, let colleagues in various departments of the company work and Those who can achieve greater improvement and change in life will welcome the course with the most relaxed state and the most energetic mental outlook.

told in class

1. Thinking is greater than habits, habits are greater than results. Success is a habit, and changing a habit starts with discomfort, habit, and discomfort, but if you keep repeating a new habit, the habit will become natural. In our real life and work, we often know that skipping breakfast is a bad habit, and we do not cooperate with leadership reforms. your favorite habit.

2. Second, the initiative is the talent, the passive is the slave. We used to study hard and think that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, but opportunities are also reserved for those who are active. A person has the ability, does not take the initiative to undertake, actively pays for the company, the value he creates for the company is very little

What is the relationship between the employee and the company? Is it an employment relationship? No, it's a partnership

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