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LJ6900 LED Test Taping Machine

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Product Description

Equipment name: LED test taping machine

Device model: LJ6900

Equipment use: LJ6900 LED test and tape all-in-one machine is an automatic equipment for LED photoelectric parameter test and tape, which can be used for 0603, 0805, 1808 and so on.


1. Fast speed, UPH can reach 30K/H (test time 60ms);

2. High efficiency, with testing and taping functions, simplifying the production process and improving production efficiency;

3. It has wide versatility and can produce 0603, 0805, 1808 and other series of LED products;

4. Complete functions, including dual-station testing, testing and sorting, visual inspection and taping;

5. Good compatibility, the production of similar electronic components can be realized by quickly replacing special parts;

6. In terms of operation and maintenance, it occupies a small space;

7. The human-machine interface is easy to understand, the software can be customized, and it has the functions of networking and data interaction;

technical parameter:

Dimensions: L1100xW1050xH1850 (mm) without warning light height

Power system: 220V 50Hz

Power: 2.5KW

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Weight: 600Kg

Adapted products: 0603, 0805 and other series LED

Test station: 1 (optional 2)

Number of BINs: Double Tape + 9BIN

Sealing form: heat sealing

Working environment: temperature 25℃±10℃, humidity 65%±10%

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