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LJ8300A High Voltage Test Marking Taping Machine

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Product Description

Equipment Name: High Voltage Test Marking Taping Machine

Device model: LJ8300A

Equipment use:

LJ8300 High Voltage Test, Marking and Taping Integrated Machine is an automatic equipment used for the production of optocouplers and other electronic components. It has the functions of high voltage test, electrical test, laser marking, visual inspection and tape.


The equipment runs fast, up to 16K/H (test time 100ms);

It has wide versatility and can produce optocoupler products in 817, SOP and other series packages;

Powerful functions, including 5 functions of high voltage test, low voltage test, laser marking, six-sided visual inspection and tape;

Good compatibility, it can be loaded and unloaded by the structure of pipe in and pipe out or vibration plate in and out, and automatic pipe selection can be realized;

It has good stability and reliability, and the yield rate can reach 99.5%;

The mechanism has high positioning accuracy and high yield; in terms of operation and maintenance, it occupies a small space;

The man-machine interface adopts full-color LCD PC, with clear picture and sensitive response;

The software can be customized, with MES system, data interaction function;

technical parameter:

Dimensions: L1800×W8300×H2200 (mm) without warning light height

Power system: three-phase 380V, 50Hz (optional 220V 50Hz)

Power: 60KW

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Weight: 1200Kg

Taping specification: ≤16mm

Applicable products: SOP, SSOP, 817 series optocoupler products

Test stations: 4 (parallel or serial, Kelvin test)

Taping station: single taping (optional double taping and automatic feeding function)

Sealing form: heat sealing

Working environment: temperature 25°C+10°C, humidity 65% ​​± 10%

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