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LJ8000 Test Marking Taping Machine

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Product Description

Equipment Name: Test Marking Taping Machine

Device model: LJ8000

Equipment use:

LJ8000 series testing, marking, tape-taping machine is a kind of equipment that integrates multiple single processes such as parameter testing, shape testing, classification and selection, laser marking, tape-tape packaging, etc. It is a special equipment for automation, its running speed can reach up to 50K/H (test time 30ms), it is a high-performance, cost-effective test tape sorting machine equipment.


This equipment is dedicated to SOT23/25/26, SOD123/323/523, SOP8, TSSP8, MBS, MBF, SMA, SMD and other devices. , direction detection (compatible with electrical identification and visual identification), positioning commutation, electrical testing (compatible with serial and parallel testing), laser marking (compatible with multi-layer and single-layer), 3D/5S detection, classification, editing With output in one. The rotation of the 18-bit turret is driven by a DDR servo motor, and the linear pressing module is driven by a discrete micro servo motor to drive the up and down action of the turntable suction nozzle, which has the characteristics of high speed and high sensitivity. The equipment runs stably and has excellent performance.

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