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LJ8040 Tube Test Taping Machine

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Product Description

Equipment Name: Tube Test Taping Machine

Device model: LJ8040

Equipment use: LJ8040 tube testing tape machine is an automatic equipment for testing IC devices from tube loading to tape.

It has good stability, strong reliability, high accuracy and high yield;

It has functions such as pin inspection, character inspection and defective product sorting;

The main control interface adopts a full-color LCD touch screen;

Simple operation, easy to understand and practical;
technical parameter:
Dimensions: L1000×1100×H1700 (mm)

Body weight: 230KG

Power system: AC220V, 50Hz

Power: ≤1KW

Air pressure: 0.5Mpa

Taping specifications: 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm, etc.

Temperature control system: temperature control should be 120℃-200℃

Taping speed: 13K/H (limited by component specifications)

Sealing form: self-adhesive/heat sealing

Receiving tray: maximum 25 inch plastic tray or paper tray

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