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LJ9030 Six-sided visual inspection machine

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Product Description

Equipment name: six-sided visual inspection machine

Device model: LJ9030

Equipment use:

An automated equipment for six-sided appearance inspection of DIP devices.


Equipment features: 1. The equipment adopts 32-station double suction nozzles, a total of 64 suction nozzles;

2. Fast running speed, up to 26k/h (electrical test time <70ms);

3. Equipped with 8 sets of 130W phase CCD: visual inspection of pins/front/back/side of six sides;

4. The mechanism has high positioning accuracy, high yield, and the yield is 99.5%;

5. The human-machine interface adopts a full-color PC, with pictures and texts, and the operation is simple and easy to understand;

6. The software can be customized, with the function of linking with MES system and data interaction.

technical parameter:

Dimensions: L2350xW1950xH2200 (mm) without warning light height

Power system: three-phase 380V, 50Hz (optional 220V 50Hz)

Power: 3.5KW

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Weight: 1000Kg

Applicable products: DIP817/EL717/EL827 series optocoupler products

Test station: single station test

Feeding method: feeding tube (compatible with vibrating plate feeding)

Discharge method: material tube discharge (compatible with tape)

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