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LJ9000-16 Inductive Taping Machine

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Product Description

Equipment Name: Inductive Taping Machine

Equipment model: LJ9000-16

Equipment use:

LJ9000-16 Taping Machine is an automatic equipment for testing, marking (coding) and packaging of chip inductors.


Strong versatility: SMD power inductors, SMD shielded inductors, laminated inductors, NR magnetic glue inductors, etc.;

High speed: the processing cycle time of a single inductor is 200ms (18K/H);

Easy to operate: PLC control, full-color LCD touch screen, friendly man-machine interface, Chinese display. Easy to maintain:

The machine is stable, the layout is reasonable, the error alarms and the position is automatically indicated;

Digitization: It has the functions of comprehensive data recording and data networking interaction;

Using Japanese PLC control system, high performance, fast response.

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