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Product Description

Equipment name: test machine

Equipment model: LJ8014 (14 means 1 track 4 test)

Equipment use:

LJ8014-IRM is an automatic device that tests and sorts infrared receivers.


1. The equipment runs fast, up to 5K/H (test time 1 second);

2. It has the function of removing bad appearance;

3. 4 products can be tested at the same time, and 0 degree and 45 degree angle tests can be performed;

4. In terms of operation and maintenance, it occupies a small space;

5. The human-machine interface adopts a full-color LCD touch screen, with clear picture and sensitive response;

6. The software can be customized, with networking and data interaction functions;

Technical parameters: Dimensions: L1500xW751xH1720(mm) without warning light height

Power system: 220V 50Hz

Power: 2KW

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Weight: 600Kg

Adapt to the product: IRM series

Test station: 1 station to test 4 devices at the same time

Working environment: temperature 25°C+10°C, humidity 65% ± 10%

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