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LJ9300A Test Tape All-in-One Machine

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Product Description

Device Name: Test Taping Machine Device Model: LJ9300A

Equipment use:

An automated device for testing, sorting and packaging sensor electronic components.


It has good stability and reliability. It adopts a chuck-type turntable and has zero material drop:

Driven by electromagnet, fast response time and long life;

The main control interface adopts a full-color LCD touch screen, which is easy to operate and understand:

It has the functions of comprehensive data recording and data networking interaction;

technical parameter:

Dimensions: L900mmx W650mmx H1500mm (excluding protrusions such as warning lights)

Applicable devices: 308, 309, etc.

Feeding method: vibrating plate

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ


UPH: 20K/H (limited by test time)

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Vacuum source: built-in vacuum pump

Weight: 350KG

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