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LJ8210 Test Tape All-in-One Machine

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Product Description

Device Name: Test Tape All-in-One Machine

Device model: LJ8210

Equipment use: an automatic equipment that tests electronic components for optoelectronic parameters and taps them. Equipment features: fast speed, single production cycle can reach 180ms (milliseconds); wide versatility, can be used for the production of infrared, visible light and other electronic components; complete functions, with laser marking, appearance defect inspection, direction judgment, etc.; The compatibility is good, and the production of similar electronic components can be realized by quickly replacing special parts; the human-machine interface is easy to understand, can be customized, and has the functions of networking and data interaction.

LJ8210 technical parameters:

Applicable devices: LED, crystal oscillator, resistor, etc.

Feeding method: vibrating plate.

Applicable carrier tape: 8mm/12mm/16mm

Average production capacity: ≥18K/h

Single taping cycle: 200ms

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Maximum power: 1.5KW

Air source: 0.5MPa

Vacuum: Built-in

Weight: 450Kg

Dimensions: L900xW650xH1640 (mm)

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