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LJ9050 LED sealant appearance inspection machine

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Product Description

Equipment name: LED sealant appearance inspection machine

Device model: LJ9050

Equipment use: LJ9050 is an automated equipment used for visual inspection after LED sealing, including automatic loading and unloading, rail transmission, and CCD system.

Equipment features:

Strong universality: suitable for various LED brackets;

High speed: Single chip bracket processing time 6 seconds.

Easy to operate: PLC control, full color LCD touch screen, user-friendly human-machine interface, Chinese display.

Digitization: With comprehensive data recording and data networking interaction functions;

technical parameter:

Boundary dimension: 2500mm × 1000mm × 1700mm (excluding tricolor lamps)

Number of material boxes: 6

Equipment weight: < 800KG

Material supply method: automatic loading and unloading of the material box

Accuracy: X/Y repeatability accuracy ≤ 5um, positioning accuracy 10um~20um

Minimum pixel accuracy: 12.5um/pixel

Maximum field of view: 51.4mm × 37.6mm

Resolution: 4096 × three thousand

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