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LJ8024 IC automatic test sorting machine

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Product Description

Equipment name: IC automatic test sorting machine

Device model: LJ8024

Equipment use: LJ8024 is a fully automated equipment for testing and sorting of SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, DIP and other devices.

The overall layout of two-track and four-station is adopted, which greatly improves the equipment production capacity;

The discharge structure of double main BIN and double auxiliary BIN is adopted;

With serial test, parallel test and ping-pong test functions;

High-speed PLC control, flexible programming and function increase

The software can be customized, with networking and data interaction functions;

The human-machine interface adopts a full-color LCD touch screen, with pictures and texts, simple operation and easy to understand;

technical parameter:
Dimensions: L850×W820×H1900(mm)

Weight: 300KG

Voltage: AC220V 50Hz

Air pressure: 0.5Mpa

Power: ≤1.5KW

Communication interface: TTL

Adapt to products: SOP/SSOP/TSSOP/MSOP

UPH: 14K/H (capacity is limited by test time)

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