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LJ9020C AOI inspection machine

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Product Description

Equipment name: U9020C AOI inspection machine

Equipment model: U9020C AOI

Equipment Usage: The U9020C AOI Inspection Machine is an automated device that performs a full inspection of electronic components packaged in a carrier.

Product features:

High equipment inspection efficiency, up to 45K/H;

Equipped with dual CCD defect inspection function, including poor indentation and product defects.

It has wide universality and can inspect electronic components such as LEDs, optocouplers, inductors, ICs, etc;

Good compatibility: Compatible with various sizes of carriers and reels, including 8mm/12mm/16mm, 7 inch/13 inch:

You can choose between automatic rewinding or manual rewinding;

The human-machine interface adopts a full color LCD touch screen, with clear graphics and sensitive response;

The software can be customized and has data reading function;

Technical parameters:

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Power: 1KW

Air source: 0.5Mpa

Weight: 200Kg

Ribbon specification: ≤ 16mm

Communication interface: TTL

Applicable products: electronic components such as SOP, SSOP, SMD, SOT, optocoupler, 0603, 2835, etc.

Working environment: temperature 25 ° C+10 ° C, humidity 65% soil 10%

External dimensions: L950xW700xH1530 (mm)

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