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LJ9040 Six sided appearance inspection machine

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Product Description

Equipment name: Six sided appearance inspection machine

Device model: LJ9040

Equipment use:

It is suitable for automation equipment for testing rubber parts, precision hardware parts, plastic parts, electronic parts and other high-precision products.


Check the length, height, diameter, mixing, deformation, brain material, burrs, black spots, scratches, etc. of various products;

The detection accuracy can reach up to ±0.005mm;

Inspection speed up to 1200 per minute;

technical parameter:

Dimensions: L950xW850xH1850(mm) without warning light height

Power system: 220V, 50Hz

Power: 1KW

Air source: constant pressure air source between 0.4-0.6, dry gas, no impurities, no dust, no oil pollution

Weight: 400Kg

Working environment: temperature 0-50 degrees Celsius, air humidity below 90% RH

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