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Optical coupler high voltage test taping machine LJ8300

LJ8300 High Voltage Test, Marking and Taping Machine is an automatic equipment used for the production of optocouplers and other electronic components. It has the functions of high voltage test, electrical test, laser marking, visual inspection and tape.

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Product Description

1. The equipment runs fast, up to 20K/H (test time 80ms);

2. It has wide versatility and can produce optocoupler products in 817, SOP, SSOP and other series packages;

3. Complete functions, including high-voltage test, electrical test, laser marking, visual inspection and taping, etc.;

4. Good compatibility, can use tube in and out, vibrating disc in and out, compatible with 1m and 0.5m tubes;

5. It has good stability and reliability, with a test yield of 99.5% and an appearance yield of 99.5%;

6. In terms of operation and maintenance, it occupies a small space;

7. The human-machine interface adopts a full-color LCD computer display, with clear picture and sensitive response;

8. The software can be customized, with the functions of networking and data interaction;

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