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LJ5000 Automatic Tray Labeling Bag Sealing and Sealing Machine

LJ5000 Automatic Tray Labeling Bag Sealing and Sealing Machine

Equipment Name: Automatic tray labeling bag sealing and sealing machine
Equipment model: LJ5000
Equipment use: LJ5000 is an automatic equipment for automatically loading bags, desiccant and humidity cards, label printing and vacuum sealing.
Compatibility, size and disk compatibility
Process details such as: desiccant anti-failure, humidity card anti-failure;
Self-made vacuum sealing machine, flexible and convenient;
Self-developed real-time printing label and labeling system.
This model belongs to the second generation model, with high production efficiency and mature and stable;
Technical Parameters:
Applicable product size: small 7-inch reel or large 13-inch reel;
Applicable label size: ≤90mm*90mm;
Machine efficiency: about 6-7 times / min (continuous feeding: small disk about 350-400 disks / hour, large disk about 200 disks / hour);
Accuracy: ±2MM (excluding label error, product position error)
Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ, total power: 8KW.
Machine weight: about 500KG
Compressed air pressure 0.6MPa-0.8 MPa, clean and dry compressed air (provided by the customer);
Compressed air requirements: average air consumption 300L/min, maximum air consumption: 380L/min
Production environment: Factory temperature 10 °C ~ 40 °C, plant relative humidity 10% ~ 60% (no condensation);
Dimensions: L3500 × W2800 × H2200 (mm);
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