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SP1005 Semiconductor Device Molding Laminator

SP1005 Semiconductor Device Molding Laminator

Product description:
SP1005 semiconductor device molding laminator is a new type of semiconductor device laminator, using digital servo and molding technology, separation film release and vacuum heating technology; specifically for colloidal molding of semiconductor devices, especially suitable for planar array high power LED Spherical lens package molding process.
Provides advanced integrated packaging for high brightness LED products;
LED product packaging is completed by molding, suitable for planar array packaging, forming hundreds of devices at a time;
Separation membrane release technology eliminates the need for mold cleaning and protects the environment and increases economic efficiency;
Vacuum heating to effectively reduce product bubbles and make products more reliable
Technical Parameters:
  Specification Function parameter
Host laser marking (optional) Pressure 50KN
Mold strok 175mm
Maximum temperature 200℃
Effective package area 90mm*60mm
Hourly outp 3000pcs/h
Device optical lens roughness <Ra0.2
Power 3Φ200V&14KW
Gas source 0.4-0.6MPa
Vacuum & exhaust <10Pa&15m3/min
Dimensions 1140mm(W)*1450mm(D)*1620mm(H)
Total weight 2000Kg


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