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LJ3500 Filament Automatic Testing and Packaging Machine

LJ3500 Filament Automatic Testing and Packaging Machine

Equipment Name: Filament automatic testing packaging machine
Equipment model: LJ3500
Equipment use: LJ3500 is an automatic equipment for detecting short circuit, open circuit, chip defects and cutting of filament products.
Adopt stable servo transmission structure;
The high-precision micro-current test instrument is used to judge the product through the image vision system to ensure accurate and fast test results of the machine;
The product judgment standard can be set by itself to control the quality;
Can be customized according to customer needs;
Micro-lighting test, effectively avoiding the harm of strong light to the human eye;
Technical Parameters:
Adapt to the product: LED full-page filament
Cartridge width: 40 ~ 75 mm
Drive mode: constant voltage / constant current
Voltage range: 0 ~ 150V
Current range: 0-1000 mA
Capacity: 8-10K/H
Weight: 300KG
Dimensions: L1920 × W800 × H1580 (mm) without warning light height
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