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SP1558 COB Automatic Film Packaging Machine

SP1558 COB Automatic Film Packaging Machine

Product description:
SP1558 COB automatic film packaging machine is a fully automated equipment for filming and packaging COB.
Highly versatile, compatible with aluminum frame or ceramic products with frame size of 9*9mm – 45*45mm;
Visual automatic feeding, single product for filming and blistering;
The film module is designed by die, which can be changed according to the specific requirements of the product, and has applied for a patent;
The device adopts modular design. In addition to the conventional configuration, it can also be equipped with modules such as micro-lighting and laser marking; (the device can be equipped with up to two additional modules)

Technical Parameters:
  Feature Main function / parameter
Host Feeding method Feeding of the tray, automatic loading of the robot
Suitable for COB size ≤30×30mm
Steel plate size ≤390×390×20 mm(a steel plate)
Blister box size ≤310×210×12 mm(Two plastic boxes)
Equipment 1.5~2K/H  (Reference to 1215 products)
Equipment s 1300L×950W×1800H(mm)
Power supply AC220V10A/50Hz
Equipment weight About 500Kg

Laser Mar

Marking range 110mm
Power 20W
Speed ≤7M/S
Minimum line width 0.05mm


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