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CSP chip scale packaging is gradually penetrating into the LED field

CSP chip scale packaging is gradually penetrating into the LED field

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LED packaging technology has a new face. The chip scale package (CSP), which is quite familiar to semiconductor manufacturers, is gradually penetrating into the LED field. LEDs for mobile phone flash and LCD TV backlights have begun to introduce this technology.

According to research firm Yole Developpement, LED modules in CSP package accounted for less than 1% of the total LED module market in 2016, but the CSP package can achieve a smaller package, which also helps to increase power density and improve heat dissipation. In order to provide higher illumination per unit area, based on the above advantages, the development prospect of CSP module LED is worth looking forward to. By 2021, CSP will account for the proportion of the overall LED module package, and is expected to climb to 5.6%.

In fact, some LED applications have begun to import CSP modules, such as the flash of smart phones and the LED backlights used in some LCD TVs, have switched to CSP modules, and then CSP modules have the opportunity to gradually penetrate into general lighting and lights. And other application areas.



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