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Encapsulated Devices / Deep UV LED Products Appeared The bactericidal rate for mobile water is 99.99%

Encapsulated Devices / Deep UV LED Products Appeared The bactericidal rate for mobile water is 99.99%

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Qingdao Jiesheng Electric Co., Ltd. has once again achieved technological breakthroughs and independently developed 100mW level deep ultraviolet LED products. This will bring unlimited imagination and application space for the design of large-flow flowing water and air sterilization solutions.

It is understood that the overall size of the product is small, a square LED of 6.8mm × 6.8mm, which is equivalent to the size of corn kernel, but it can emit 100mW of 275nm deep ultraviolet light. High-power deep-UV LEDs are mainly used for disinfection of household water purifiers. The water dispensers used by the public generally use water to discharge at a rate of 2 to 3 liters per minute. Using this module to sterilize flowing water, the sterilization rate can reach 99.99% or more. .

Liang Xudong, chairman of Qingdao Jiesheng Electric Co., Ltd. said that the previous LED may only achieve one or two liters of water sterilization, and now can complete the sterilization of one or two liters of water. At the same time, in the medical field, it now reaches 100mW, for some incurable diseases, etc. The possibility of achieving treatment. Deep UV LEDs do not contain any toxic substances and are considered to be revolutionary inventions and ideal UV light sources.

Qingdao Jiesheng Electric Co., Ltd. was founded by a returning scholar ten years ago and began to pay attention to the research and development of UVC LED. Through years of accumulation, HeaChips technology with independent intellectual property rights has been realized, covering all aspects from epitaxial wafer, chip, package to application design. The line covers deep ultraviolet (275nm) LEDs for sterilization, deep ultraviolet (308nm) LEDs for skin diseases, and deep ultraviolet (365nm) LEDs for industrial curing.

At the beginning of 2017, based on the "Jiasheng Electric" HeaChips health chip technology innovation, "Jiesheng Electric" achieved breakthroughs in epitaxial growth technology, chip technology and heat dissipation technology, successfully realized 275nm UVC LED 100mW output optical power, greatly expanded UVC LED Application space.



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