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Opportunity 2017 The 19th International Optoelectronic Exposition was a complete success

Opportunity 2017 The 19th International Optoelectronic Exposition was a complete success

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The four-day China International (Shenzhen) Optoelectronic Expo has been successfully completed on September 9. At this exhibition, the opportunity to show the test, tape, test tape marking machine A series of machines, field equipment with high efficiency, high performance, high precision and other advantages, has attracted a large number of customers to stop and observe, but also won the favor and support of our customers.

Good Opportunity 2017 The 19th International Optoelectronic Exposition was a great success

Good opportunity 2017 The 19th International Optoelectronic Expo was a complete success

The company's participation in this exhibition is to expand the horizon, open up ideas, learn advanced, exchange and cooperation, make full use of this exhibition opportunity, exchange, communicate and negotiate with the customers and distributors who come to the exhibition to further Expand the company's visibility and influence in the same industry, and further understand the product characteristics of peer companies, in order to better improve their product structure and give play to their own advantages.

At the exhibition site, the company's technical staff answered questions and answers for each guest in detail, and used the on-site demonstration operation of the machine to discuss the technology in depth with the customers, which was well received by the exhibitors.

Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot of money, and will continue to innovate and explore new advanced technologies. We will continue to focus on technological innovation and create greater value for LED and IC packaging customers. The field of advanced automation equipment has taken it to the next level.



LJ7200 Automatic Disk Changer

LJ5000 Automatic Tray Labeling Bag Sealing and Sealing Machine

LJ8040 Tube Test Taping Machine

LJ8024 IC Automatic Test Sorter

LJ8000 IC Test Marking Braiding Machine