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After Sales Service

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After-sales service personnel in the "fast", "professional", "high quality" service purposes, to provide customers with satisfactory service.
Fast: After receiving the customer's failure notice, quickly arrive at the scene, within 12 hours in Shenzhen, within 24 hours in Guangdong Province, and within 48 hours in other regions.
Professional: After-sales service personnel have a rigorous assessment and have exquisite professional skills, and the passers-by are allowed to go out to work.
High quality: After arriving at the scene, we can solve problems efficiently and completely cure the problem.
After Sales Service



LJ7200 Automatic Disk Changer

LJ5000 Automatic Tray Labeling Bag Sealing and Sealing Machine

LJ8040 Tube Test Taping Machine

LJ8024 IC Automatic Test Sorter

LJ8000 IC Test Marking Braiding Machine