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Service philosophy
Excellent service, precise and fast
Service purposes
Customer is always supreme, innovation is always leading, service is never ending
The whole process of service: from pre-sales to sales to after-sales, the opportunity to carry out the whole process.
24/7 service: Uninterrupted service throughout the day, service hotline: 86-0755-23245033
Full-service: Covers the nationwide after-sales service network, professional engineers, ready to provide you with professional, prompt and reliable wholehearted service. Provide customers with thoughtful and meticulous wholehearted service.
Terms of Service
Through years of unremitting efforts, our company has absorbed foreign advanced after-sales service management and maintenance operation modes and mature experience, and established a complete after-sales service system, which can provide different modes of after-sales service according to different requirements of customers. Under the premise of ensuring safe and reliable operation of the equipment, the investment cost of the customer is minimized and the best economic benefit is achieved.
1. Provide comprehensive maintenance during the contract warranty period. During this period, the company undertakes the user training, maintenance, overhaul, targeted repair, technical consulting service, and maintenance parts of the relevant products (consumables) Except for repairs and replacements caused by natural wear or natural damage, such as nozzles, probes, etc.
2, 24 hours a day to call repair service, after receiving the repair call, the after-sales service department made a written registration, and quickly processed to ensure that customers have no worries. Give a reply within 2 hours; if you need to send a staff to the site for processing, the province and surrounding provinces and cities will arrive at the customer site within 24 hours. Other provinces and cities have 48 hours of service in place.
3. Regardless of the cause of the failure, the service personnel must first solve the problem, restore the equipment to normal use, meet the customer's use requirements, and customer satisfaction.
4. Provide free lifetime technical consulting services.
5. Within the service life of the equipment, the owner's equipment management personnel will be re-exchanged and the management personnel will be replaced. The company will provide free training for the newly replaced management personnel.
Service Support



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